Crystalline Healing Center, Los Angeles, CA

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Crystalline healing center specializes in massage and healing therapies. Massage can be used as the most amazing healing

Crystalline healing center

crystalline healing center

technique because it releases tension and anxiety. Crystalline healing center uses unique and powerful techniques to help you achieve energetic balance and harmony; so that you can release emotional blocks which are the main causes of physical pain and sickness.

Watch this video for an introduction with Crystalline Healing center.
Crystalline Healing Center

This slimming center was found by Cedar Martyn in Los Angeles. She is a healing practitioner with an experience of over 20 years. You can receive a well balanced massage from Mrs. Cedar Martyn. A number of experienced healing practitioners are also present to assist her. Healing services include:

    Crystalline massage therapy
    young living aromatherapy
    Detox treatments
    Quantum Vortex meditation
    Zyto Compass aromatherapy

You will have to make an appointment before you visit Crystalline healing center. Crystalline healing center has received best massage therapy awards once in 2007 and the other one in 2009.
You can make a free call with Cedar to checkout which healing procedure is best for you. You can make appointments via phone call or online reservations are also available.

They do accept credit cards but you cannot use your insurance policy. Meetings are only available by appointment.

They also sell healing products like Crystalline bath medication kit and young looking oils. You can order these products via their e-shop.
10524 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States
Cedar Martyn (310) 621-5544
For further details visit their site:
SlimCA team reported good reviews about this slimming center.
Client Reviews:

“I have been to the healing center, a couple of times and always come away feeling relaxed and re-invigorated. Cedar devotes 100% of her energies to your session. It is a spiritually uplifting experience, Highly recommended!

The Body sanctuary Spa&Wellness Center

Spa and Wellness Center in CA

850 Hampshire Rd
Westlake village, CA 91361
Phone: +1 805-230-0010

It is an amazing slimming center. Their friendly atmosphere welcomes you to have a skin treatment. Their body wrap treatments are great. Staff is great.

Body Sanctuary Spa and wellness center

Body Sanctuary Spa and wellness centers

SlimCA team reported great reviews about spa and wellness center. Clients are really satisfied from their services.

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Body Wrap Clinic, inc.

Body Wrap Clinic, inc.


8381 LA,palma, Ave, Buena park, CA 90620
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Medshape Weight Loss Clinic, CA

Medshape Weight loss Clinic Reviews

A review by SlimCA team

Medshape testimonials

Medshape weight loss clinic aims to help you achieve your ideal weight in Arizona and  Minnesota. They have five locations in Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale and, Maple Grove.

Medshape weight loss clinic provides unique program for individuals. They have a specialized team of doctors who can help you achieve your ideal weight.


Medshape weight loss clinic helps you lose weight with the help of endocrine and metabolic system. Their weight loss tools include diet plans, nutrition plans, exercise plans, support groups and exclusive Medshape diet like protein bars, shakes,  drinks and supplements.


Medshape clinic offers full medical supervision. Their certified medical practitioners will design a specific diet plan based on your food choices and lifestyle.

Medshape clinic also offers a FREE consultation at your first visit. You may contact them online and book your free consultation.
Medshape weight loss clinic has designed special programs for rapid weight loss. These programs are available in Arizona and Minnetosa.
Our team members have used some of the Medshape products and they have reported good results with their clients, like losing 10 pounds in a month.


clinic hours are:

Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 10am-4pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm

We look forward to hearing from you,
The team at Medshape Weight Loss Clinics

Arizona locations:
Mesa, AZ: 480-351-0250
Scottsdale, AZ: 480-351-0344
Peoria, AZ: 602-910-2212

Minnesota locations:
Maple Grove, MN: 763-400-8699
Woodbury, MN: 612-999-2223


Medshape Weight Loss Programs

Rapid weight loss is important. Getting off some pounds should be the first priority but what is most important is that you should maintain your weight once you have achieved it. Medshape patients receive advice for long-term and short-term weight loss goals. They offer programs like “Excessive Melt Diet”, “ Fast track diet”, Medshape location“maintenance” and national programs.
A variety of products with special promotions is also available for Medshape clients. Clients have reported good results with their products and their services. Let us look at their many services:

Excessive Melt Diet

M.E.L.T is a thermogenic procedure that means it is going to increase the rate at which your body burns fat. M.E.L.T is not a crash diet plan and it can be used both for the success of long-term and short-term weight loss goals.
By using M.E.L.T plan your body will increase the production of such enzymes that will motivate the body to produce more energy. This plan will not put you in nervousness, increased heart rate, or high blood pressure. Metabolic Enhanced Lipolitic therapy is designed to reactivate the metabolism and burn body fat.
If you cannot grasp the above mentioned procedure, do not worry. Medshape management will do the work for you. Before, you can choose to use M.E.L.T diet plan, Medhsape weight loss clinic offers you to take a test.

Fast Track

With the help of Medshape programs, you can choose to lose weight medshapeat your own pace. You can choose a weight loss program that best suits your needs.

At Medshape weight loss clinic, they claim that losing weight takes courage, discipline, and perseverance.

Every SUCCESS starts with one RIGHT step and then a good plan to follow. But this is not a one time job and it is hard to do it alone. Therefore, Medshape is here for your help.
Their fast track program includes:
• Weight loss supplements and Medication
• Fat burner injections
• Nutritional counseling

Medshape weight loss clinic, LLC has five branches in Arizona and Minnesota. Visit their site to get more information to contact them:
Medshape also provides you with a variety of weight loss products like weight loss supplements, protein bars, cereals, and drinks.
How was your experience at Medshape? Share with us or comment below.



Reviews Around the web:

First off, this location is not closed on Saturday, as is posted.  They are open until noon on Saturdays.  I know because they squeezed me in on Saturday early afternoon for a check-in with Dr Sheehan.  It was a great experience. Even though it was close to his lunch hour and closing time, he took the time to go over all my questions and make adjustments to my weight loss plan.

There are tons of benefits to being with MedShape Weight Loss Clinic, a medically supervised weight loss plan.  For me, it’s all about education and structure.  There are so many fad diets with conflicting data, I wanted to make sure I was doing right for my body and losing fat (not weight), in a healthy way.  For my personal experience, MedShape’s customizable, medically supervised weight loss program has already been tested in many ways.

 Cost of Program

Although cost of a specific program depends upon individual needs, most programs cost only 99$ per month.
To your weight loss success!
Slimca team