24 Hour Fitness Kids Club, CA

24 hour fitness kids club

24 hour fitness kids club

As the time passes we have to do more work and we have more responsibilities. Business, home duties, children, we have a lot to do and at this point our fitness seems to come last. That is where we make big mistakes of life. We ignore our health completely. We should not forget that health is a must necessity of life.

Most people cannot join gym because of little kids. Most gyms in California offers kid club services. Sometimes the service is good, other times not so good.

24 hour fitness kids club solves this problem for you. They have exciting playrooms for your children where they can enjoy themselves. Kids club attendants are present to supervise them carefully. So that you can relax and enjoy your workouts.
Monthly kids plans are available with your membership plans. 24 hour fitness gyms have more than 400 branches. kids fitness clubs are not available on all these branches but most gyms have this facility.
You can buy daily visits for your child at a cost of 5$ per visit.

Benicia Health and Fitness, CA

A review by SlimCA,
Address: 1150 W 7th St, Benicia, CA 94510, United States
Phone:+1 707-751-0273

website:Benicia health and fitness


Benicia health and fitness club, CA

Benicia health and fitness club, CA

Benicia health and fitness covers an area of approximately 32,000 square feet. This gym is meant to facilitate everyone including infants and old ones. You can try their programs according to your fitness level and strength. Kids can play here and you can enjoy your exercise work outs. They have a play room for kids under 7 years old where they can be supervised.
Children older than 7 years can try their fitness programs if parental guidance in available. Benicia health and fitness offers a variety of programs which include aerobics, yoga, circuits, weights, pilates performa and sauna. They have a juice bar to refresh you. Lockers and towel services are also available.
At Benicia health and fitness you can attend group classes which are held nearly 70 times in a week. This gym promotes collaborative environment where you work with each other. Personal training is also available. You can do the exercises yourself or you can follow a mentor. Both options are easily available at minimum costs.
Guest passes are also given away for a day, week and a month at 14$, 45$ and 100$ respectively. Kids can attend different programs here including circuit training, weight lifting and yoga. Kids packages are available. One child can attend this slimming center at a cost of 3$ per day.


Benicia health and fitness kids club, CA

Benicia health and fitness, CA

They have annual memberships but you do not have to become a member to enjoy their services. You can use their daily, weekly and monthly plans with no membership charges. Their major area of expertise is spa and fitness programs. Spa services include hydro-massage, sauna and tanning*.
Benicia health and fitness is good for your children. They have a separate    parking area and they do accept credit card( visa, master card, discover and     American express).
* Note:
According to California laws, anyone younger than 18 years cannot use tanning beds. 5 states including California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas and Vermont followed this law. Hope this law helps in prevention of skin cancer.


Eden Surgical Center, CA

Eden Surgical Center, CA

Eden surgical center, CA

Hospitals always have a scary and cold atmosphere and that is why so many of us are afraid of visiting hospitals. Founded in 2001, Eden surgical center is the only surgical center in Calasbasas, CA.

Address is as follow:
23951Craftsman road Calasbasas, CA 91302
website: edensurgical.com

Eden Surgical Center Review

They do accept many payment plans including your health insurance policy. You will have to book an appointment before you can visit the Eden surgical center. Their surgical services include Gynecology, urology, plastic surgery, general surgery and podiatry. Their surgeries are medically approved. However, at Eden Surgical center; you will not feel like you are at hospital. They have a cool atmosphere with pleasing sensations to make you feel at home.


Eden sugical & wellness center, a review by SLimCA

Eden surgical center a review by SLimCA


Eden Surgical Center Services

Gynecological services include laproscopy, sterilization, hysteroscopy, pelvic pain and ovarian massages. Eden surgical center provides full range of plastic and reconstructive surgeries including body and face surgeries.

Dr. Suzanne A Troit is the surgen who does this job for you.

To have a chat with Dr. Troit call her at

Podiatry services include hammertoe and foot and ankle problems. As the name suggests they also offer non-surgical services like cool-sculpting, laser treatments, facial and waxing treatment.

Eden Surgical Center Timings:

Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5.00PM
Eden surgical center is closed on Sunday, perhaps they do not want you to have surgeries on Sunday!

LA Chiro Spa And Holistic Center, CA

LA Chiro Spa & Wellness Center, CA


A review by SlimCA!
28047 Dorothy Drive Suite 209, Aguora Hills, CA 91301
Phone: (818) 707-4488
phone: (818) 294-7090
Website: Lachirospa.com


LA Chiro spa center, a review by SLimCA

LA chiro Spa Holistic center


LA Chiro Spa & Wellness Center Services


Los Angeles Chiro spa slimming center specializes in massages, acupuncture, chiropractic, weight loss and other healing techniques. You can use your insurance policy to make payments.

About the founder


LA Chiro Spa & wellness center was , founded in 1995 by Dr. Zana Zappala. She is an experienced medical practitionern. She graduated educated from Ohio university and Los Angeles college of chiropractic.

Make an appointment



To schedule an appointment with doctor, contact LA Chiro Spa at (818) 704-4488. Their staff is available to help you and they will contact you as soon as possible.
Major areas of specialization are spa and healing techniques, like nutritional therapy and neuro emotional technique. Their healing care system has 3 stages. At the very first step, patient must be given enough care to cure the pain, to get relief from pain so that we can proceed further to heal tissues and other body functions. In the last step, we have to check out the spinal care system of the body.
Chiropractic techniques are widely used for pain management like headaches, low back pain, mid back pain and sports injuries etc.
In 90% cases, cause of every ailment is tension and anxiety. Spa techniques are used to release tension, heal your illness and to experience a sense of well being.


LA chiro spa, a review by SlimCA

La Chiro spa holisitic center, A review by SlimCA



You can visit this slimming center by making an appointment. Online reservations are available but it is better to make a phone call.
Timings are as follow:


      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9.AM to 6.PM
      Tuesday 9.00 Am to 3.00 Pm
               Saturday 9.00 AM to 5 PM

You can make your appointments on Sunday because, Sunday is only available on appointment. May be it is a disadvantage of this slimming center because Sunday is a free day to get relaxed. Overall, clients and SLimCA team, reported good reviews about Chiro Spa Holistic Center.


Customer Reviews from the web


I had a really positive experience here. The massage felt amazing and Dr. Zappala took time and really examined my problem neck and shoulder areas. I had chronic neck pain for months and after her ultrasounds and adjustments I felt great. I highly recommend this place.

Crystalline Healing Center, Los Angeles, CA

A review by SlimCA!
Crystalline healing center specializes in massage and healing therapies. Massage can be used as the most amazing healing

Crystalline healing center

crystalline healing center

technique because it releases tension and anxiety. Crystalline healing center uses unique and powerful techniques to help you achieve energetic balance and harmony; so that you can release emotional blocks which are the main causes of physical pain and sickness.

Watch this video for an introduction with Crystalline Healing center.
Crystalline Healing Center

This slimming center was found by Cedar Martyn in Los Angeles. She is a healing practitioner with an experience of over 20 years. You can receive a well balanced massage from Mrs. Cedar Martyn. A number of experienced healing practitioners are also present to assist her. Healing services include:

    Crystalline massage therapy
    young living aromatherapy
    Detox treatments
    Quantum Vortex meditation
    Zyto Compass aromatherapy

You will have to make an appointment before you visit Crystalline healing center. Crystalline healing center has received best massage therapy awards once in 2007 and the other one in 2009.
You can make a free call with Cedar to checkout which healing procedure is best for you. You can make appointments via phone call or online reservations are also available.

They do accept credit cards but you cannot use your insurance policy. Meetings are only available by appointment.

They also sell healing products like Crystalline bath medication kit and young looking oils. You can order these products via their e-shop.
10524 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States
Cedar Martyn (310) 621-5544
For further details visit their site:
SlimCA team reported good reviews about this slimming center.
Client Reviews:

“I have been to the healing center, a couple of times and always come away feeling relaxed and re-invigorated. Cedar devotes 100% of her energies to your session. It is a spiritually uplifting experience, Highly recommended!

The Body sanctuary Spa&Wellness Center

Spa and Wellness Center in CA

850 Hampshire Rd
Westlake village, CA 91361
Phone: +1 805-230-0010

It is an amazing slimming center. Their friendly atmosphere welcomes you to have a skin treatment. Their body wrap treatments are great. Staff is great.

Body Sanctuary Spa and wellness center

Body Sanctuary Spa and wellness centers

SlimCA team reported great reviews about spa and wellness center. Clients are really satisfied from their services.

Body Sanctuary Spa and Wellness center Services Continue reading

Suddenly Slimmer Body Wraps

Suddenly Slimmer Body Wraps


2695 E thousand oasis Blvd, thousand oasis, CA 91362
Call at:(805) 370-5365 Continue reading

Marina Mitri Face& Body Center

Marina Mitri Skin Care Address

10698 Los Alamitos Blud
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Phone: (562)-708-3694

Marina Mitri Face and Beauty, CA

Located in Los Alamitos, Marina Mitri is a beauty slimming center. They offer unique skin treatments like peel in peel out facials, vitamin C massages, acne treatments, timeless peel and permanent makeup for eyebrows,  and lips.
They also offer spa treatments like  anti-cellulite treatment, and slimming treatments. These treatments are used to melt fat and reduce cellulite.

In 2013, Marina Mitri won the diamond award for  the best expertise in skin care. Their promotional offers are available on their facebook page and yelp.com. You can also get a 5$ discount from their website. Visit this link to get this offer.


Marina Mitri Services

Marina Mitri skin care specializes in skin treatments.  They offer facials, body treatments, Acne treatments, medical peel and permanent make-up. The services are customized according to your needs. Marina will look at your skin. You will get the best skin care you want.  A complete list of their services is listed below:

  • Express Facial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion + Hydradermie
  • Peel in Peel out
  • Hydradermie
  • Hydradermie Eye Lift
  • Vitamin C Treatment
  • Liftosome
  • Hydradermie+Hydradermie lift

You may check the programs and their cost at www.marinaskinspa.com


old address

3848 Atlantic Ave, Long beach, CA 90807, United states
Phone +1 562-708-3694

Hours and timing

Tuesday-Friday 11Am to 6 Pm
Saturday 10am to 4am
(Appointment must)

Note: You can also pay by using your credit card.