The 5 Most Innovative Gyms in California

The world is full of romantic, innovative, technical and traditional gyms. Visit any country and you’ll notice the unique fitness culture of the region. Fitness trend is not a mathematical equation. Humans are emotional beings. We work with instinct, motivation, challenges, and behavior rather than scientific facts. Scientific facts can convince our logical mind, but logic can never motivate us for exercise. Weight loss is all about motivation.

Successful people (most of them) live a happy and inspiring life. Their bodies reflect this emotional state. So, we thought of something different. How about the 5 most innovative gyms in California?

We have collected a list of gyms that’ll surprise you with their architecture model, atmosphere, and training system.

I bet you’ll love these gyms. If the gym happens to be in your city, do not forget to pay a visit.

Each gym or fitness club refers to an individual mission statement. Creating this list was hard. We have based it on the search volume and popularity. More gyms will appear on the list as soon as we have covered them.

So, here you go. Enjoy this small list.

1. Gold Gym Venice CA

The Gold Gym will again appear here. This gym was featured in an Arnold Swarchenegger movie, but that is not the only reason for its popularity. In a web listing, Gold gym was featured as the top 17 most innovative gyms in the World. We are glad to have that branch in California.

gold gym logo

The original Gold Gym in Venice CA started its operation in the early 80s. Some people complain about broken machines and old nature. Others appreciate the inspirational atmosphere in the gym.

After all, a gym is about workouts. If the atmosphere is nice and you work hard; you’ll achieve your goals. If you ever plan to visit Venice, check out this gym. It might be old, but you know the old saying:

“Old is Gold” and it is the Gold Gym.

2. The George Foreman Club

This club has been featured on some health websites including Greatist. What is the best thing about George Foreman Club? It must be about facilities, hardworking staff or a detailed fitness strategy. It seems like that George Foreman club offers a combination of these three qualities.


The Boston gym is known as the George Foreman iii Club. The place is small compared to other big gyms in the city. However, great equipment and hard rules make it a good place to do traditional workouts.

3. National Fitness Campaign (NFC)

NFC was already featured at Greatist and other fitness websites. National Fitness started their campaign in 1979. The gym does not offer any “out-of-box” fitness method.

You must be wondering, “what’s so great about this gym?”.

We were wondering that too. One visit made it all clear. This gym is not a traditional workout place. Their innovative design and their mission statement make it all different. The best thing is their outdoor circuit training system that is available freely to the public audience. NFC is one of the few gyms that brought unusual fitness changes in California. They have collaborated with various colleges and sponsors to make it “free for all”.

Despite being a free service, the gym is spotless and innovative. If you are planning to stay fit on a budget, join National Fitness Campaign.

4. Wave House San Diego

“Wave House is a party on Southern California beach” (Yelp Review Statement)

Beautiful waterfalls can be your best companion for any fitness program. Wave House is a wonderful asset for California fitness enthusiasts. The view at night is fantastic. Your body breathes with the rhythm of ocean waves. It is something that shouldn’t be missed in California.

Wave House is probably the most innovative gym in this list. It is not a very great place for workout sessions. Most people just sit on the beach while eating food and enjoying their time at bars.

The beach may feel crowded, but everyone is busy with his or her work. You can have your privacy, and you can even try their various workout sessions like bodyboarding. More information is available on their website.

5. Bliss Paddle Yoga

Bliss paddle is a heaven for yoga lovers. It is the only gym in California that makes you do yoga on a surfboard.

Trained yogis will help you through the process. If you already know about surfing, you can just join the place and enjoy moments of pure happiness and bliss. Bliss Paddle is located in San Diego. As you can guess, the environment reflects the Southern California style. The place is not much crowded, but I am sure you can have a social gathering if you like.

That’s it. We’ll be adding more in the future.


Keep Visiting.

Does Body Wrap Really Work to Lose Weight

Body wraps

Body wraps use three main techniques to lose weight and inches. These techniques are heat therapies, massage, and mineral absorption. Body wraps offer many benefits like improved metabolism, better-looking skin, losing water weight, and losing inches, etc.

The Body wraps  can help you lose one to two pounds. The main idea behind this scheme is that:

Our skin is our largest sensory organ and it can be used to absorb minerals, vitamins and to detoxify our body.

Earlier on, body wraps were treated as fashion-related products; because they are used to enhance your skin. Late in 1950s, body wraps began to emerge as healing techniques. If you are interested, read more on  the history of body wraps.

Detailed Body Wrap Procedure

At the beginning of the body wrap session, your skin is scrubbed gently to remove dead cells. Dead cells make you look aged. Scrubbing gives your skin a natural glow and promotes blood flow. Use a scrubbing mixture. Gently scrub specified skin area for 5 minutes and leave it for 10 minutes.
After scrubbing, cleansing milk is used to clean your skin.


Massage is the next step for you. A massage therapist can do it

massage therapy for body wraps

Massage therapy for body wraps

better. You can also do massage yourself. Please note that applying lotions on your skin is not massage.
In a massage, lotions, creams and essential oils (Neroli, Rosemary) are applied to your skin. Massage therapy lasts 10 to 15 minutes. It is a great relaxing experience. It promotes blood flow and lymphatic flow. Your body gets charged, and you are ready for wrapping procedure.

Wrapping Procedure

Lay down on a plastic sheet or blanket.
Apply an even thick layer of wrap mixture on the skin area. Body wrap mixture can be any required one like herbal, cellulite and slimmer wrap, etc.

After applying the body wrap mixture, heat is applied to the plastic sheet. This sheet is tightly wrapped around your body, and it becomes a “thermal blanket.” Application lasts 45 to 60 minutes. This session has two types:

Dynamic wrap
Static wrap

Dynamic wrap causes you to move or walk while you are wrapped. In a static wrap, you can just lay down and listen to music. Static wrap feels more like  the Egyptian mummy wrap; because you are wrapped with clay-like mixture. It is a side effect of body wraps session because you are left alone for an hour.

Steam Bath

Your 60 minutes are over. Now it is time to get unwrapped. Someone else should unwrap you with a warm shower. Tightening wrap session is finished; next step is the steam bath.

What is steam bath?

It is used to lose water weight. You will be taken to the steam bath chamber. The steam bath lasts for 20 to 25 minutes. It also depends on your stamina. Most people start sweating in 8 minutes, so the steam bath is maximum 20 minutes longer.


Come out of the steam room. Dry yourself completely. You have lost water weight. Drink 1 glass of water. Take some deep breaths and lay down.

Alovera moisturizer for body wraps

aloe vera as a moisturizer for the body wrap

Moisturizers like Aloe Vera and glycerin are applied  to soothe the skin pores. Your skin gets moisturized, and it looks great. You will feel improvement in your breathing.
There is a last thing to do, measurement check.

Measurement Check

Measurement checks are used to note the results of the body wrap sessions. Weight loss machine is used to check the decreased pounds. Most people can lose 4 inches and 1 pound in a single body wrap session.

Weight Loss with Body Wraps

Body wrap mixture is not just one cream. It is a complete package, that includes massage creams, vitamins C and E. Essential oils like Neroli, anti-aging gels,  are added. Creams, fat breaking amino acids, cellulite gels, mineral solutions, and lotions are also a part of this package.

Body wraps for weight loss bySlimCA

Body wraps for weight loss by SLimCA

All of these products are responsible for the results you get. If these products are not good, then you may not experience good results.

Another factor is the person who is doing the body wrap. Experts can do it better. The expert should be a certified practitioner from your state.

Considering these facts, we should answer this question.

“How much weight loss is possible?”

Nearly 1 or 2 pounds. I know there are many advertisements, which claim that you can lose up to 10 pounds in a single body, wrap session. It is not possible.

Losing more than 4 pounds in a month is dangerous for your health. So do not try to go for these quick schemes. More often, these schemes do not work in the real world.

Weight loss depends upon the body wrap you are using. Let us look at this procedure. If you are trying to lose weight, your body wrap must include:

  • Fat breaking amino acids like anti-cellulite gels
  • Heat therapies like infrared wraps. Heat is used to lose water weight and to break fat molecules.
  • Massage is used to reduce cellulite and promote blood circulation.
  • The steam bath helps you lose water weight.

There is no scientific evidence that these methods will work. A steam bath can help you lose water weight, but results are temporary. Heat therapies and anti-cellulite gels can produce results, but there is no guarantee. Also, results are short-lived.

So what can we expect from a body wrap session?

You will look young and slim. Your skin will gain its natural glow and beauty. In simple words, the body wrap is a body facial treatment.

Experiments have proved that you can lose 1 or 2 pounds in one session. It also depends upon your weight. If you are slim, there are chances that you will not lose even one pound. If you are overweight (BMI above 25) then you may lose 3 pounds in a single body wrap session.

In a short period of 6 months, you can do 15 body wrap sessions. You can lose 10 pounds easily which is safe and healthy, and it makes body wrap a safe application.

To your weight loss success!

SlimCA team.

Body Builder’s Gym, Los Angeles, CA

Body Builders gym, reviews

Body Builders gym, reviews

Website address :

Street address:

2516 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: (323) 668-0802
Body Builder’s Gym, A review by SlimCA
Eric flowers and Jackie Joniec are the owners of this gym. You can read more about them at the gym’s website.
Joining a gym is an exciting experience. Whether you want to lose weight or gain strength, gym is  the best place to start your journey. Body Builders gym is an excellent gym. I guess, the best features are free parking, and  no contracts. Contracts are tricky when it comes to joining the gym. Most people cannot stick to a specific gym for more than 3 months. It is probably because fitness goals are reached or we become bore quickly. When you apply for a gym membership, the gym administration will give you membership plans. If it is your visit, please do not try long membership plans. Try to stick with a simple monthly plan and do not sign any contracts.
Body Builders gym offers the opportunity to join the gym without any contract. Here are some known features about this gym.
Body Builders gym, reviews

Body Builders gym, reviews

1. You can use the free-parking opportunity.
2. Best dual fit-wall in Los Angeles.
3. Air conditioned environment.
4. Certified medical practitioners.
5. Free weight loss equipment & machines.
6. Covers 7000 square feet area.
7. Boxing and strength training equipment.
Body Builders gym has a good schedule. You can visit the gym at any time from  5Am-11Pm(Monday-Friday),  7Am-9PM (Saturday), and 8Am-8Pm (Sunday).
Body builder’s gym can assist you in losing weight. Body building is an art. The gym logo claims, “We believe in making strong bodies”.
It is a good gym. I will need your help to make this site a better experience for all. Please comment below and tell me about your experience at “Body Builders gym”.
SlimCA team.

Skinsense Wellness Spa, Los Angeles, CA


We are back with another spa center review. The city of Los Angeles is full of amazing slimming centers and spa centers. The task is to find the best one for your requirements. This directory is created to help you stay fit round the clock.

Skinsense  Wellness Center


8448 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: (323) 653-4701
Skinsense offers spa services with a unique blend of scientific techniques along with traditional massage ways. The unique quality is their data capturing system. You can visit the spa center to consult their wellness experts. Each time you visit the spa center, database is updated with your requirements and treatment details.
Quality products are offered for long-lasting results. Skinsense offers the spa services in following sections:
1. Facial therapy
2. Body therapy
3. Waxing
4. Hands and feet
For customer awareness, seminars and articles are distributed on Aromatherapy, skin care & aging, beauty products, cosmetics, and spa& wellness.
Skinsense  Wellness also offers an exclusive affiliate marketing program. You can receive 15% discount on each referred client. You will also enjoy 15% discount on your next facial.
Please visit their website for more information:
SlimCA team has reported good reviews about this slimming center. Clients are invited to share their reviews about Skinsense Wellness Center.
Visit the California Health & Fitness directory to read more reviews. Share your reviews and make it a great weight loss directory.

Fitness Tip of the Day


Good morning California!I hope you are having a good day. Life is busy and it is getting cold here. I just thought, I have shared some tips related to fitness and weight loss. But, I guess things are not much organized here. Those fitness tips can be used over a period of year but, we need action. You cannot lose weight unless you take action. Daily action and daily implementation is required. So, in this post you will get “the fitness tip of the day”. There will be 7 fitness tips and you can use them for each day in the week. For example, you can use tip#1  as the fitness tip of Monday and so on…

Let’s get started.women doing cycling


Fitness Tip for Monday

Start the day with some exercise. I understand, Monday is busy. Children have to go back to school and you have to attend your job. So, make sure that you have prepared for breakfast on Sunday night. Do the exercise, and get ready for the whole week. Eat a full-nutrition breakfast so that you can remain energetic and strong.

A good start will surely help you have a great journey.


Fitness tip for Tuesday

Let’s celebrate Tuesday while drinking some great juices and drinks.  Pure lime juice can do a good job in this regard. Drink a lot of water. It is recommended that you drink 2 glasses of water early in the morning(as soon as you wake up). It helps in cleaning your kidneys and removing toxins from your body. Also add natural juices and salads in your meal  on Tuesday.


Fitness Tips for Wednesday

Do you know that you can accomplish anything  if you are feeling a drive to achieve it? Do you remember the time when you were so excited that you could not sleep all night? Such excitement and happiness is  a great gift. This great gift can help you enjoy many small & big moments of your life.

So, on Wednesay, it is your task to find a happy friend who can do exercise with you. Remember, we are preparing for the remaining 5 days of the week. It is important that you do exercise 3 times in a week. You have done the first session on Monday. The next session will begin on Wednesday.

Make use of famous digital weight loss devices. These devices can become good mentors for both you and your friend. Specific devices will also note down your workout and the miles covered.  Try to burn 4-5 calories in a minute and make sure that you do exercise for 30-40 minutes.


Fitness Tip for Thursday

You are not going to do exercise on Thursday.(Just joking, you can go outside and have fun). So, you will have some time for preparing some special meals for yourself. Now, think outside of the box. What do you think about a special dish? Just tell me, what is a special dish? It can be the meal cooked on Christmas evening or anything special. Try some new recipes and cook a dish full of colors, nutrition and variety. It will help you enjoy your meals and you will experience a new change in your daily routine.

Play football, fitness tip of the day

Men playing football, fitness tip of the day

Tip #5

Fitness Tip for Friday

Play something. Friday is all about drinking water and playing. Which game should be your choice? Well, there is no restriction. You can choose any game but, make sure that you will have fun. Run, jump and smile. This is the only exercise for this Friday. Enjoy!

Tip #6

Fitness Tip for Saturday

Saturday is about eating fruits and lots of vegetables. Take salads, make juices and eat raw vegetables. Just make sure, that you eat 3 sessions of fruits, and vegetables. You can take one session with breakfast and manage the other 2 in the whole day. Avoid tea on Saturday and keep focused on eating salads.

Fruits and vegetables

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Tip #7

Fitness Tip for Sunday

Allow yourself to be lazy and late on Sunday. You can wake up late in the morning but, you must come into action at the evening time.  Because, you will need to make some fresh juices and you will need to do some playful exercise workouts. Just relax, take bath, drink juices and enjoy yourself. Go to the park and play football or any other game that you  may like.

Tell me, what is your routine on each weekday? What do you do on holidays? I would like to listen to your details. So, do not forget to leave a comment. Thanks.

To your weight loss Success!



How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

Good morning, California!
I have heard it enough time, and now I am tired of “drinking water”. I know I have said it many times on SlimCA too. How many times are we going to say that we should drink ten glasses of water each day? Sounds ridiculous? Right?


drink water

How much water should I drink to lose weight?

People often ask, ” How much water should I drink to lose weight?”. I am always given a confused answer. This article is written to clarify the situation.

I noticed one thing about myself. When I am happy and energetic; I am automatically drinking more and more water.  But when I am sad or angry; I am eating salted snacks, or I prefer staying hungry.

It was a cool observation for me. It means our emotions control what we eat and drink. Our mood and attitude has a great effect on our health.

We all should drink water, but we cannot do it the hard way. Drinking eight glasses of water daily should be a natural habit. In this post, I will suggest simple changes in your lifestyle that can help you drink more water and live a better life.

A healthy life is all about a healthy lifestyle. All gyms and slimming centers help you change your lifestyle so that you can build stamina, strength, and you can learn the art of happiness.

If you have been to a gym, then you must know the great feeling after your workout. When you are tired but you are happy and energetic. These small steps help you build a great life.


How much water should I drink to lose weight?

How much water should I drink to lose weight?

Drink up California

You are what you drink, and when you drink water, you drink up. Michelle Obama started this campaign in the public sector to encourage healthy drinking among busy parents and partners. Famous brands have supported this campaign like Nestle pure water, smart tap, global tap, local water and ice mountain nestle pure water and many others.

This campaign was specifically designed to encourage young children to drink more water.

Drink up campaign showed significant improvement like 100,000 babies under 5-year-old were enrolled in baby health care centers. Breastfeeding help centers were opened nationwide. All these steps were taken to promote a healthier California.

How much water should I drink? Let’s estimate how much do you drink.

California is the 11th least obese state in America. In a general overview, 76% of Americans drink 3.9 cups of water each day. We all have heard that we should drink eight glasses of water per day which is equivalent to 2.2 liters of water.

According to institute of medicine, Women should drink 2.2 liters of water each day and men should drink roughly 3 liters of water each day.

Water supports many vital functions of our body but what is the relation between pure water intake and weight loss.

Drinking water has no direct relation with weight loss as water is not a weight loss supplement, and it does not burn fat. However, drinking water does support your weight loss efforts.

Drinking more water means that you are not drinking sodas and other caloric beverages. It means that you will avoid overeating.

“Research suggests that drinking plenty of water may help you lose weight,” says Dr. Melina Jampolis physician nutrition specialist.

In a study published in the American Journal of Dietetic Association, Melina found that people who drink water before meals ate 75 fewer calories than those who did not drink water. In this sense, we can say water contributes to weight loss.

Excessive Intake of Water

Drinking excessive water is as dangerous as drinking less water. Excessive intake of water contributes to “hyponatremia” which is a condition in which your blood has a low amount of sodium. But this condition is rare as it is hard for us to drink 20 glasses of water in a day.

benefits of healthy drining

How much water should I drink to lose weight?

SO How Much Is Enough?

Well! Ask any health expert. Everyone will be able to say eight glasses of water is a good quantity to lose weight. But what will be the result? I can only tell you that water is a not a magical weight loss pill. However, water pills can help you. If you can drink 8-10 glasses of water each day; you will be able to lose 3-4 pounds in a month. Just make it a  good habit. Create your own diet plan. Listen to your heart. Just tell me, what steps are required for you to lose weight? Write them down, and follow them.

Benefits of drinking water

  • It can help you get rid of toxins and harmful wastes
  • it purifies your blood
  • Cleanse your kidneys
  • It helps in hormone growth
  • It contributes toward a healthy skin BUT it is not a weight loss supplement.

So, experts are right. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. It  is necessary for  the vital functions of your body.

Tips to Drink Water

Our personal life, thoughts, and our career contribute to our health. In the same way, our health contributes to a better life and a satisfying career. I want to share some easy tips to drink water.

In shopping malls, we have seen colorful plastic bottles. Choose the one which can contain 1500 ml of water. This bottle (filled with pure water) should be in your office bag. When you go in your office; you do not have to depend on tap water. Your water should be with you. It is an easy way to drink six glasses of water.

Drink 1 glass of water before starting your meal. It will save you from eating extra calories. Also, it has good effects on the digestive system.

Drink 1 glass of water after your exercise workout. You can easily drink eight glasses of water in a day.

Important issue:

Drinking water should be your habit.It is not a one-time job, and you cannot do it the hard way. Remember, you cannot stick to any fitness program if you do not enjoy it.

Visit the California Health & Fitness Directory to read more about slimming centers, gyms, and health clubs.


Let’s Celebrate 4th July

Congratulations California! Now this state is 237 Years old.

Happy independence day to all of you. I know you are getting ready for 4 July parties and events. It is a national event, and we must American flag celebrates it. So, in this post I am going to share unique ideas to celebrate independence day party. Next, we will discuss some simple fitness tips for this day.

These tips are not only for 4 July, but you may use them in your routine life. But let’s be patriotic and have some fun.

Ideas to Celebrate 4th July

Run a Race

Independence day is all about remembering our mission. It is about playing our part for the betterment of a great society. It is about sharing love and memories.
So, join hands with each other and let’s get involved in some lovely activities. Go to your gym and ask your friends to schedule a race with you.
It is fun, but it can be more enjoyable if you plan a great event. Invite your friends for dinner and before dinner; go out for a race. Do not forget to give a surprise to the winner.
Take some cools pics and share with your friends.

Join an event

All historical places, colleges, and gyms arrange special events to celebrate 4th July. Why not go and join one?

These kinds of parties are filled with great energy and enthusiasm. Everyone is excited and happy. Human life is all about exploring our journeys. We have desires, and we all proceed toward achieving those desires.

Whenever you fulfill your desires, do remember that your success is not only yours but you have provided a great men to American Society.

Let’s take energy from this patriotic event of 4 July and fulfill our dreams for the betterment of ourselves and our country.

Do not forget to decorate your home on this day. Schedule an outdoor get-together party with your friends and family. Listen to your national anthem.

How to Decorate your home on 4 July?

Decorating your home is a fun activity(if you are on holiday). Fortunately, 4th July is a national holiday.

Decorating your home can become expensive but do not make it. You can get many items on less than 99 cents per item. Other items may cost you less than 10$. Celebration is not about expensive items, but it is about love and faith.
Just go to your nearby decoration shop (or shop Amazon) and buy little items like ribbons, balloons, candles, and fireworks.

Just celebrate America’s birthday with things colored red, blue and white. Raise American flag at your home and car. You can buy handicrafts, ribbons, balloons, toys, curtains and little accessories like paper flowers and pinwheels, etc.

Invite children to your home and ask them for help in decorating your home. Kids are naughty and creative. They will give you some cool, and messy ideas but the ideas will be unique and different from all other.

Fireworks display. 4th July Celebrations by SLimCA

Enjoy Fireworks

Listen to music. Make the noise. Buy firecrackers and enjoy fireworks. These events are meant to be Fireworks display. 4th July Celebrations by SLimCAcelebrated with fun and passion. Hotels have great fireworks display. Go and enjoy them.

Yummy Desserts

Events can be made more special by cooking some special desserts. Do not forget to decorate your desserts in an American way.

Nail polish design in an american way

Fashion industry is great as it can be involved with any event. On this event of 4 July, just focus a little bit on your makeup.

Blend your makeup with the greatness of independence day. Just look at this picture.You can design your nail polish in that way. You can wear a blue shirt with white lines.
Now let’s go toward our fitness tips for 4th July. No.1 rule is that stop dieting. Do not deprive yourself of eating chocolates and desserts.

Cut the chocolate into two halves

That is a good rule. Instead of eating full piece of chocolate, cut it into two pieces. Eat the one and save the one.
Do the same with desserts. Instead of going for a full desert; go for half one.

Avoid Drinking

In American society, it sounds ridiculous to say “I do not drink.” People will look at you and think you are crazy.But that is the policy we have to adopt for a better life.
Try to say No to drinks.
That is it. It is independence day, so we only shared two tips.
Happy Independence day!
To your weight loss Success!
SlimCA team.

Visit the California Health & Fitness Directory to read about gyms, health clubs, slimming centers, and fitness centers.

How to Lose Water Weight in 24 Hours?

Before we go into cons and pros of losing water weight, lets discuss why we want to do it? Why we want to lose weight in just 24 hours? Why this urgent task is so much important to us?

My friend Amelie does this job when she has to attend a party or a special event is coming up. I asked her why does she go through all these weight loss techniques for just a day. And she replied:

“I know my weighing machine does not move much but I can feel a really great difference in my body and 24 hour weight loss is all about experiencing a change in your body”.

In that case, I agree with Amelie. I do not expect a 10 pound loss in a day but these techniques can help you feel slim.

So I think the name of the article should have been “slim down in 24 hours” . But that’s not the topic, we want to know how to lose water weight in 24 hours.

I always say 24 hour weight loss is all about losing water weight. Techniques used for this procedures are as follow

  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Steam Bath
  • Body wraps
  • Walking/Running
  • Balanced diet

All these techniques help you to sweat more profusely.

What is water weight?

How many glasses of water do you drink each day? An approximate answer should be 6 to 8 glasses. For a healthy life we need 8 glasses of water per day. This requirement also depends on your workout routines. People who work hard physically, burn more calories and they need more water to keep their energy in balance.

Teenagers who play outdoor games need to drink more water as compared to adults. Before we go any further; we must know what is water weight? Is it good or bad? And we must figure out whether water weight loss is a temporary effect or it can be made permanent.

Water weight, Good or Bad?

Sometimes, it is good. As in case of pregnancy most women feel swelling on their ankles and legs. This kind of weight gain is necessary for the safety of fetus and do not worry, you will lose this weight quickly after child birth.

Female monthly periods can be a cause of water weight gain. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water through out your monthly cycle.

Drink water to lose water weight

drink water

It is a scientific observation that people who drink more water retain less water and they are less likely to gain water weight.

In simple words, when our body is fully hydrated  it does not need to store water and essential fluids. But if you are on fasting or you do not drink enough water then our body needs to store water and that is the phenomenon known as water weight.

Water weight usually becomes evident in special skinny areas like your waist, belly and thigh. Water weight gives you a puffy appearance. Your arms and fingers feel like swollen.

Define Water Weight

Our body can store extra water due to hormone growth, sodium level and carbohydrates. All of this can happen because we do not eat the natural way.

In California, canned food is a common way to eat fruits and vegetables. Approximately, 60% of the population prefer canned fruit over fresh fruit. I can understand the reason behind this act.

Number one reason is that you are a busy person. When we have to handle our job and home at the same time; canned food is a good option.

This problem can be solved if you know how to

Design quick dishes.

Cooking is an art. It is a real fun thing and does not take much time. You can do cooking on your own and there are many blogs to assist you in this case.

Take a look at These kind of blogs share healthy, tasty and easy to cook recipes. Most meals can be cooked in less than 15 minutes.  So why not spent 15 minutes in designing a healthy meal for a healthy meal.

raw vegetables, cook your own meal

This step is not only for water weight loss. Cooking your own food helps you stay healthy and live a long life. (Do not forget, good diet plans contribute to permanent fat loss.)

Solution for water weight

So now we know what is water weight and now we want to resolve the issue. Water weight gain is not a  big issue and a few pounds can be lost without much hard work.

Exercise, steam room, body wraps, and some simple weight loss tips can help you lose water weight but if you want to make big changes then go one step further.

  1. Increase your consumption of pure and natural water
  2. Reduce salt intakes in the form of cold drinks, canned food, medications and artificial drinks.
  3. Avoid sodium snacks and high sugar fruits.
  4. Take fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit juices.


That’s it. You have taken a great step. If you are following these steps, you can make sure that you will not gain water weight.

Losing water weight is not a big achievement

I want to resolve a misconception in this regard. Water weight is real weight. Isn’t it?

And it takes effort and time to lose water weight. But more often, losing water weight is not considered as a big achievement. Losing 4 pounds of water weight can happen in a day but losing 4 pounds of fat does not happen in an easy way.

But still, losing water weight is a first step toward achieving a slim body and you should congratulate yourself on your success.

Losing water weight gives you immediate results and it is always nice to see rewards when you are making effort.

Tips to Lose Water Weight

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is a helpful substance for your body but when it is taken excessively, it becomes a poison. Sugar contributes to excessive fat storage and cellulite problems. Intake of natural sugar is always a great replacement for artificial sugar.

Natural sugar can be always obtained from fruits and it is also a great source of fiber intake.

Drink a lot of water


Naturally, our body should not retain water. We must drink necessary fluids and water because our body lose these fluids every hour. If we do not drink enough water, our body goes into dehydration mode and it tries to stick to the water weight.

It is recommended that you include natural drinks in your diet plan. Avoid soda and artificial sweeteners and replace them with green tea and natural lime juice.

Avoid Medications (Please consult your doctor)

Some medications can increase your hunger and leads to water retention.

Sometimes these medications support vital body functions like medications used for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. These kind of medications can have certain side effects which can lead to water weight gain.

Doctors often prescribe water pills to solve this issue.

Avoid sleeping pills and anti-depression medicines and substitute them with a natural walk, meditation, a good book or a nice hobby.  Watch a comedy film and enjoy your life. This has great impacts as compared to medications.



Exercise can help you keep off water weight. Go for a natural walk or do yoga or may be cycling or whatever suits you best. Make your exercise a fun thing to do so that you can enjoy it.

Water pills

Water pills are often recommended for kidney disorders. Water pills can cause an increase in urination and that is how you lose water weight.

Using water pills is not a healthy way to lose weight and it is not recommended much.

 Avoid Salt


Water is naturally attracted toward sodium molecules and it can contribute to a puffy appearance and excessive weight gain. Avoid salt to lose water weight and this means you should avoid:

  • Canned food with added salts
  • Canned fish and meat with added salts
  • Try to avoid salt in ready made sauces, soya sauce, mustard and mayonnaise.
Steam Room

Steam room is a good way to lose water weight. Read more on Steam room here.

Body Wraps

Body wraps tighten your skin to help you get slim. Read more here Complete Body Wrap guide at SlimCA.

In an interview Dr.Oz said that most people suffer from health problems because they just cannot automate the system. When we are healthy, we automatically follow good habits.

It is important to read good information on health but it is also important to adopt your own style. Make a weight loss plan and stick with it so that you can automate your life. In this way life becomes easier otherwise, it becomes so hard to avoid salt and sugar.

To your weight loss success.

SlimCA team!


24 Hour Fitness Kids Club, CA

24 hour fitness kids club

24 hour fitness kids club

As the time passes we have to do more work and we have more responsibilities. Business, home duties, children, we have a lot to do and at this point our fitness seems to come last. That is where we make big mistakes of life. We ignore our health completely. We should not forget that health is a must necessity of life.

Most people cannot join gym because of little kids. Most gyms in California offers kid club services. Sometimes the service is good, other times not so good.

24 hour fitness kids club solves this problem for you. They have exciting playrooms for your children where they can enjoy themselves. Kids club attendants are present to supervise them carefully. So that you can relax and enjoy your workouts.
Monthly kids plans are available with your membership plans. 24 hour fitness gyms have more than 400 branches. kids fitness clubs are not available on all these branches but most gyms have this facility.
You can buy daily visits for your child at a cost of 5$ per visit.

Benicia Health and Fitness, CA

A review by SlimCA,
Address: 1150 W 7th St, Benicia, CA 94510, United States
Phone:+1 707-751-0273

website:Benicia health and fitness


Benicia health and fitness club, CA

Benicia health and fitness club, CA

Benicia health and fitness covers an area of approximately 32,000 square feet. This gym is meant to facilitate everyone including infants and old ones. You can try their programs according to your fitness level and strength. Kids can play here and you can enjoy your exercise work outs. They have a play room for kids under 7 years old where they can be supervised.
Children older than 7 years can try their fitness programs if parental guidance in available. Benicia health and fitness offers a variety of programs which include aerobics, yoga, circuits, weights, pilates performa and sauna. They have a juice bar to refresh you. Lockers and towel services are also available.
At Benicia health and fitness you can attend group classes which are held nearly 70 times in a week. This gym promotes collaborative environment where you work with each other. Personal training is also available. You can do the exercises yourself or you can follow a mentor. Both options are easily available at minimum costs.
Guest passes are also given away for a day, week and a month at 14$, 45$ and 100$ respectively. Kids can attend different programs here including circuit training, weight lifting and yoga. Kids packages are available. One child can attend this slimming center at a cost of 3$ per day.


Benicia health and fitness kids club, CA

Benicia health and fitness, CA

They have annual memberships but you do not have to become a member to enjoy their services. You can use their daily, weekly and monthly plans with no membership charges. Their major area of expertise is spa and fitness programs. Spa services include hydro-massage, sauna and tanning*.
Benicia health and fitness is good for your children. They have a separate    parking area and they do accept credit card( visa, master card, discover and     American express).
* Note:
According to California laws, anyone younger than 18 years cannot use tanning beds. 5 states including California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas and Vermont followed this law. Hope this law helps in prevention of skin cancer.